Treatments & Therapies

All treatments and therapies are carefully designed, delivered flawlessly by professional therapists. With remedies containing fresh, aromatic ingredients picked from the tropics such as coconut milk and tamarind, your senses will be reawakened under the gentle guiding touches of therapists. Allow your mind the freedom to fly in imagination as your body rests in complete stillness under the welcoming pressure of gentle healing.

Spa menu

Our pre-treatment consultation asks you on what particular area they would like the treatment to focus on e.g. relaxation, energizing, or to work on a particular muscle complaint..

1 Hour | US$ 20
1 Hour 30 mins | US$ 27

Inherited from ancient Chinese techniques the use of hot stones in this treatment will instill a deep level of warmness while relaxing muscles, removing tension, releasing stress, pain and improving circulation and calms the psyche.

45 mins | US$ 12
01 hour | US$ 18
01 hour 30 mins | US$ 21

Designed to stimulate meridian harmony, this unique mind, body and soul experience combines the therapeutic elements of long flowing movements and various relaxation techniques to induce a deep sense of calm and to increase circulation and reduce tension.

30 mins | US$ 10
01 hour | US$ 18

A whole body treatment designed specifically to cleanse the body and purge the muscles of toxins, complemented with Vietnamese herbal tea, facilitates healing, detoxification and supports the immune system.

45 mins | US$ 14
01 hour | US$ 18
01 hour 30 mins | US$ 23

Through the application of firm pressure applied to the back muscles using hands, fingertips, knuckles, elbows and forearms, stimulates body tissues, relieves pain or tension and promotes relaxation, together with a therapeutic dose of essential oils, this treatment will put you in a deep state of relaxation and balance your harmony.

01 hour | US$ 18

or guest can use Fresh Orange & Honey scrub instead.

30 mins | US$ 5

Release tension in the forehead and scalp areas, stimulates mental function, promotes hair growth, uses therapeutic essential oils for your individual scalp condition and hair type. It is a great way to keep hair looking youthful and shining .

30 mins | US$ 9

Manucure and pedicure with color or without color painting

30 mins | US$ 9
01 hour | US$ 16

This refreshing treatment enhances circulation and enlivens tired and aching feet. Relax as feet are immersed in a warm aromatic. Integrating the benefits of reflexology to release tension and clear energy blocks, your feet will be completely refreshed and pampered.


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